Being ill really sucks when you still have to work, but it’s great for my favourite thing ever - non-running. It gives me a legitimate excuse, nay, REASON for not hurtling (bouncy walking, let’s be honest) along a wet pavement, death-staring anyone who tries to block my path.

However, the guilt is starting to set in now. And I’m beginning to feel scared (so scurrrred). Bangs just sent me and the girls an email packed with a call to action (why does this whole thing need to be so bloody self-motivated?!) and although I have been aware that there was a New Year’s celebration (mine was fun, how was yours?), it’s only just dawned on me that there is no huge procrastination post to get past now (“I’ll start in the new year!”). It’s officially the new year. Less than three months till race day. FML. Literally, EFF MY LIFE.

Most people say you can train for a marathon in three months, but these people are well-acquainted with the gym and the treadmill, and probably ran BEFORE they were dared to run a stupid half-marathon or had the offer of free trainers dangled before them. It’s different for them. They probably don’t cry when the running gets tough, whereas I feel as though I want to collapse into a sobbing heap and, if I have the energy, assault anyone who tells me running is fun and easy. These people probably don’t sit, chest heaving on the bus after a 50 metre dash to catch it (although this is probably partly due to my 12kg handbag).

Sexy in the City Boot(y) Camp starts next week. It’s going to be a struggle, but watch this space. I’m looking forward to it because my mind has tricked me into thinking I’m going to enjoy it. But realistically, it’s going to be so painful and embarrassing that I’ll want to smack a commuter in the jaw if they even so much as dare to push against me on the packed train to work straight after the intensive training session.

Request to the Secondborn: help me draw up a training plan? Thanks in advance.

Anyway, today I am feeling quite serene. Don’t know why. Might be the summer nostalgia I’ve been feeling with Frank’s Nostalgic, Ultra. Might just be that Friday feeling. Might just be that I’m so devoid of energy that I have no choice but to feel this way. I almost want to run again. I’ve been testing the water a few times this week with some mild sprints and jogs to the bus stop. My cold has been resolutely sticking to me (it wants me to fail, it’s a personal vendetta) and it makes running suck even more than usual.

But I’m nearly back to usual health (which is awake and not coughing or blowing my nose, but permanently exhausted) so I’m going to run on Sunday. It will officially have been two weeks by then and it will be fun for my brother to take me out running again (ha! It’s never fun for him - I go so slow that it doesn’t even get his heartrate up and he has to go for a 40mile cycle JUST to get any exercise for the day).

Hmmm. Whatever. Run run run. I’m going to get back on this. I promise.

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